By Oumayma Zahedi

Oumayma Zahedi, February 22 2020

How To Get A Job - 5 Factors To Consider

It's known to everyone that the labour market is the key driver of economic expansion, and that employment brings stability. According to Statistics Canada of January 2019, the unemployment rate in Canada is 5.7%. However, the most recent study in the matter has showed that 73% of employees are looking for a new job or would consider a new position if recruited

For every job posted, an average of 250 resumes is submitted, only 2% of them will be interviewed, and only 0.4% will get a job offer.

If you want to be the 0.4% who will get a job offer, here's how you can do it : 

          1.     Fix your resume:

Your resume if more than just a list of all the qualifications, experiences and skills you have, it's the employer's first impression.  According to CareerBuilder's survey 68% of recruiters spend less than 2 minutes on resumes, so MAKE YOUR RESUME STAND OUT. 

          2.     Use different job search engines:

You need to use different job search websites, company's websites, inventories, agencies, and ask your friends and family for referrals. As of very recently HR departments started using social media platforms to search for candidates, the most used one is LinkedIN.

According to Linkedin, 93% of recruiters use Linkedin to source candidates, however only 50% users have complete profiles. Here's a few tips that could help you get a job offer through Linkedin:

If you want to get a job with the Government of Canada, you should also use the equivalent of Linkedin - GCcollab - it's a way to engage with public servants, find out about available job opportunities, promote yourself as a job seeker and different other functions. 

         3.     Keep your Social Media clean: 

Either it is for your current job, or future job opportunities, your presence and activity on social media could either have a good or a bad influence. As a matter of fact, 87% of recruiters will conduct a social media check on candidates on LinkedIn,  43% on Facebook and 22% on Twitter

Here is an interesting reading if you would like to know more about how to polite your social media accounts, and get access to a list of not-to-do's:  https://www.careerbuilder.com/advice/social-media-survey-2017

         4.   Master the STAR method: 

Recruiters expect you to provide them with concise, straightforward, and well demonstrated answers.

The STAR method is a great tool not only to answer you behavioral questions. It can also be used to improve your the quality of content of your resume, and for screening questions, and I will be telling you all about it in my next blog.

     5.     Improve your interview skills and professional behavior:                     

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Oumayma Zahedi

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